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Value of High Personal Touch in the Digital Era of Technology

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Tue, May 02, 2017

Innovation requires dedication.  At Global Capacity, we not only innovate, but also disrupt how companies buy and manage network connectivity.  Our revolutionary One Marketplace platform, leverages a unique combination of aggregation, automation and information to streamline and simplify the process of designing, pricing, procuring and delivering data connectivity solutions.  This combination brings a much-needed transparency to the marketplace. Our technology simplifies and standardizes the ordering of connectivity services across carriers, delivers services with predictable results and consistent customer experience and promotes the efficiency and growth of global wide area networks.   

Technology is not the complete solution for the channel, also critical to Global Capacity’s success is the expertise of its team. Global Capacity’s high-level of engagement is a market-changing factor that eases the burden on its Channel Partners, allowing both groups to work together in the best interest of the customer.  Global Capacity provides full access to expert assistance throughout all the stages of the buyer’s journey.  Global Capacity’s dedicated Channel Concierge team works hand-in-hand with Master Agents, customers and agents, providing access to an array of industry experts, from network engineers, to service management, to sales operation support.  These key individuals deliver fast, friendly and knowledgeable service to each one of our valued agents.

“It’s quite ironic, really – the biggest problem within the communications industry
is that no one seems to communicate,” comments Channel Partner, Paul Wroten, President and CEO at NSi.
“The fact that Global Capacity remains so responsive and actively involved in the success of their solutions
is a major value-add for our customers.”

It Starts With the Channel Managers

Global Capacity understands that this is your business.  It is critical that our team understands the business focus and growth initiatives of your business. 

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International Buyers’ Guide to U.S. Connectivity Services

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Tue, May 03, 2016

Expanding services beyond your network footprint into the U.S. can be the right turn to profitability, but whether that experience will be profitable and accelerate your business or have you in the breakdown lane depends on how the expansion is planned. There is much more to consider than just plotting a route from point A to point B. Visibility into the local connectivity markets is critical to your success. Whether it is one location or a thousand, knowing you are choosing the right connectivity service at the right price for your customers’ Internet and business applications can be challenging.

Where do you start?

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Back to School for Marketplaces and Simple Connectivity, Part Two

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Tue, Sep 02, 2014

Last week, we offered a little refresher course—in honor of the beginning of the school year—on the marketplace model.  Simply put, a marketplace disrupts “business as usual” offloading transactional processes done by people to simplify the connection of buyers and sellers and delivering services.  This week’s part two segment covers the ABCs of Global Capacity’s One Marketplace and how this award winning marketplace of networks addresses the inherent challenge of simplifying the buying of network connectivity services. 

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Parting with Frame Relay: From Decision-Making to Migration

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Tue, Mar 11, 2014

The key to seeing your business grow stronger and more financially successful in the coming years is simple: invest in adaptable technology that boasts longevity now. Back in the day, older wide area network (WAN) technologies were designed to handle local area network (LAN) traffic that was bursty by nature, as these types of solutions are able to process frames of different lengths. One such solution of yesteryear is Frame Relay, a service designed for transmitting intermittent traffic between the LAN and end-points in the WAN. 

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Three Managed Service Resolutions for 2014

Posted by Global Capacity on Tue, Jan 14, 2014

Happy New Year! In the short time since the calendar flipped, Global Capacity has heard a variety of New Year’s resolutions from telecom and Internet service providers. Of course, we know each company has unique needs and goals, and therefore, everybody has their own list. So for now, let’s just focus on the top three:

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5 Competitive Network Factors for Local Telecom Providers

Posted by Ben Edmond on Thu, Dec 12, 2013

Due to increased competition and ever-changing regulations, Local Network Operators are faced with the challenge of seeking higher revenue from their existing footprint with minimal increase in sales and marketing costs.  In order to do so, they need to increase the addressable market for their network footprint with a greater number of buyers.  Interconnection, lower gross margins and reach are more important than ever for Local Network Operators. 

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Global Capacity Delivers Revenue Flexibility to Managed Service Providers

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Wed, Jul 17, 2013

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) seek to deliver a comprehensive suite of IT and communications services including Ethernet, cloud computing, managed and private cloud, voice, virtualization services, managed hosting, bandwidth, Internet, IT security, colocation, managed storage, backup and disaster recovery, and IT support.  All MSPs have similar goals: lowering their cost of sales, increasing high-margin services, and efficiently delivering differentiated, high-quality services to a market.  Competing for enterprise businesses requires companies to be innovative in their approach to the market. 

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How are Service Providers Extending Their Network Reach?

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Fri, Mar 22, 2013
Recently, two service providers, UNSi and NetWolves, found their answers in Global Capacity’s One Marketplace. 

One Marketplace provides service providers with a transparent and efficient way to buy global access solutions more effectively.  With streamlined service delivery, One Marketplace automates the ability to price, order and provision multiple access network solutions - reducing the complexity of procuring offnet services.  A single interconnection to the One Marketplace network provides service providers with the ability to deliver more ubiquitous services, extending their network reach as well as gaining visibility into multiple networks and geographies to give them a competitive advantage. 

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