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Architecting for Speed and Performance in a Digital Era

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Thu, Jun 15, 2017

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform enables Connectivity Made SimpleTM, connecting customer locations to high-value destinations across a highly interconnected network aggregation platform. In this digital era of cloud computing and applications, businesses need new ways to make their operations more flexible for the future and to help them gain a competitive advantage. We believe that the One Marketplace hybrid infrastructure is key to achieving this flexibility.

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Global Capacity to Speak on the Customer Experience of Hybrid SD-WAN Transformations

Posted by Global Capacity on Thu, May 25, 2017

Senior VP of Product, Chris Alberding, to Join Industry Leader Panel at WAN Summit San Jose

Global Capacity, the leading connectivity as a service company, today announces its participation at WAN Summit San Jose, taking place June 14-15, 2017 in San Jose, CA. The WAN Summit, held across the globe in New York, San Jose, Singapore and London, brings together corporate WAN strategists and service provider executives to discuss common industry challenges, gain new perspectives, build business relationships, and explore the latest trends and technologies that shape today’s WAN strategies. 

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Global Capacity to Speak at ITW on the Opportunities for Wholesale Carriers Within IoT Ecosystems

Posted by Global Capacity on Mon, May 08, 2017

Mary Stanhope, VP of Global Marketing, to Join Industry Panel at ITW 2017

Global Capacity, will participate at International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2017, taking place May 14-17 in Chicago, Il.   On Tuesday, May 16, Mary Stanhope, Global Capacity’s Vice President of Global Marketing, will join industry professionals from Identidad Telecom, Huawei, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Globetouch and Telefonica Business Solutions on the panel, “The Big Picture: The Wholesale Case for the Internet of Things.” The session moderated by Alan Burkitt-Gray, Capacity Media Editor, will explore various revenue streams for carriers within the IoT space, how to create effective pricing structures to ensure ROI, and ways carriers can utilize existing enterprise segments expertise to build IoT ecosystems.

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Speaker Spotlight: Global Capacity’s Jack Lodge and Connectivity Peers Address Interconnection

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Wed, May 25, 2016

When four executives representing critical facets of the connectivity ecosphere convene at a roundtable focused on the challenges presented by today's always-on, digital world, we’re presented with a unique window into how their companies are leveraging interconnection to serve the needs of global enterprises.

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International Buyers’ Guide to U.S. Connectivity Services

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Tue, May 03, 2016

Expanding services beyond your network footprint into the U.S. can be the right turn to profitability, but whether that experience will be profitable and accelerate your business or have you in the breakdown lane depends on how the expansion is planned. There is much more to consider than just plotting a route from point A to point B. Visibility into the local connectivity markets is critical to your success. Whether it is one location or a thousand, knowing you are choosing the right connectivity service at the right price for your customers’ Internet and business applications can be challenging.

Where do you start?

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Five Reasons Customers Are Thankful for One Marketplace™

Posted by Jack Lodge on Wed, Nov 25, 2015

It is that time of year again: a time to give thanks for everything we are grateful for during the past year; a time to be thankful to our valued customers for their continued support; and a time to thank our employees for their diligence and dedication to making Global Capacity’s One Marketplace™ into the platform it is today.

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Webinar Rerun: Achieving Efficient, Cost-effective Multi-site Connectivity

Posted by Global Capacity on Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Networks are a critical component of any medium or large enterprise data environment, connecting locations, people and systems. But how best to connect multiple locations spread across cities, states or even countries?

I got the chance to sit down with our very own VP of Marketing, Mary Stanhope, shortly after the Webinar Achieving Efficient, Cost-effective Multi-site Connectivity.  Stanhope shared some of her top takeaways from the event with me.  In this webinar, we talk about the challenges associated with connecting multiple business locations including knowing what services are available to connect a location and how the One Marketplace platform can address the connectivity challenges that businesses face, providing insight into service availability, features and pricing in seconds.


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Behind the Scenes of NovoLogic’s Success: Global Capacity’s Distinctive Approach to Customer Service

Posted by Amy Atwood on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Earlier this month we told the unique story of NovoLogic, a self-described “culture agency” that was in need of reliable, high-performance network connectivity in order to improve client training and internal collaboration, among other objectives. With Global Capacity’s support, the organization was able to meet and exceed its goals as the first-ever corporation in Lawrenceville, GA to receive a fiber-optic network backbone - a historic accomplishment for the second oldest city in the state of Georgia.

“Working with Global Capacity really does feel like a true partnership,” said
Burke Allen, President and CEO of NovoLogic in a recent interview.
So, what initially drove this partnership between Global Capacity and NovoLogic?  The strategy that fundamentally enabled NovoLogic to strengthen its service and make history was quarterbacked by Global Capacity’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Brandon Pemberton. To gain even more insight into this thriving partnership, we sat down with Pemberton to hear his take on how Global Capacity helped NovoLogic score an ultimate connectivity win.
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Customer Spotlight: NovoLogic Strengthens Service and Makes History with Global Capacity

Posted by Amy Atwood on Thu, Aug 06, 2015
NovoLogic is a self-described "culture agency" who has helped fine-tune the culture and brand authenticity of organizations like  Chick-fil-ABP, and  University of Phoenix. They know that technology and corporate culture go hand-in-hand, especially in today's world of dispersed teams, virtual meetings, and digital distractions. Ultimately, companies need a technology strategy to connect and engage with employees: a technology strategy that includes communication vehicles like streaming video and cloud-based training and learning platforms. It also needs a network capable of transmitting and supporting huge amounts of data and to disparate locations across the globe. That's why NovoLogic turned to  Global Capacity.

Recently, I sat down with NovoLogic President and CEO, Burke Allen, to talk about the partnership with Global Capacity and making history as the first corporation in Lawrenceville the second oldest city in the state of Georgia - to be connected to a fiber-optic network. 

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Five Keys to Solving Today’s Network Connectivity Challenge

Posted by Global Capacity on Wed, Jul 08, 2015

Enterprise customers want the right network connectivity for their unique business applications. For example, a connectivity solution for a retailer’s point of sale system at a price point that meets its budget and with a quality of service that meets its expectations. Depending on the number of business locations and applictions, however, an enterprise may need multiple access technologies across

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