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Grab your Passport: Taking the Risk Out of International Expansion for US Channel Partners

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Wed, Jun 14, 2017

Globalization is a key driver of today’s evolving business landscape, impacting nearly every industry and shaping the needs of enterprise engagement. Expanding your company’s portfolio of service to include international locations opens up an entirely new revenue stream brimming with untapped potential. A recent online Global Channel Survey by Channel Partner and 451 Research that was published in “Going Global: The Channel’s Expanding Horizons,” by Ellis Booker in Channel Partners Spring 2017 edition, gives great insight to the challenges and opportunities of selling outside the US.

Why Not?
When respondents were asked, ‘Why Not Currently Selling Outside of the US?’ 62% shared there was no demand from current customers. Comfort with existing sales, customers and known markets can often lead to a lack of inertia in taking on more risk. For those Channel businesses looking to expand their addressable market, connecting foreign office locations is an opportunity to drive more revenue per sale. International connectivity services contribute to a higher market price versus same bandwidth service in the US. For example, a 10 Mbps service in US averages $1100 per month compared to a 10 Mbps service in Asia that averages $5000 per month.

Choosing to work with a global provider such as Global Capacity mitigates the risk of reaching out and grabbing the international opportunity. Through its award-winning software-defined platform, One Marketplace™, Global Capacity provides ubiquitous reach, flexible access options and reliable connectivity solutions for 98% of U.S. commercial locations, and connects to more than 14 million commercial addresses across the globe in over 99 countries, delivering upon the brand promise of Connectivity Made Simple™.
One Marketplace coverage Map 2017-1.pngStill not sure?

45% of respondents to the survey shared that they lack the personnel resources to expand with the problem being highest among agents and VARS. Additionally, 11% of respondents identified they were not selling internationally because their businesses are already at maximum capacity.

By choosing to partner with Global Capacity, channel agents receive the information and automation necessary to easily, efficiently and cost-effectively design, propose and order connectivity for foreign locations. Global Capacity believes in a better customer experience combining informational systems with human touch. One Marketplace’s automated applications guide customers through the service delivery process from the time the order is entered until the service turn up. The company delivers network connectivity with a single SLA, contract and point-of-contact, so end customers never have to deal with the complexity of provisioning from multiple suppliers. Then we take it one step further, adding the human touch and communication that improves the customer buying experience. The service delivery experience includes:

  • Dedicated Project Team
  • Welcome calls, milestone calls and email updates
  • Planning calls with enterprise clients
  • Weekly order status calls
  • Collaborative scheduling and test/turn-up processes

In the last 6 months, Global Capacity has turned up services in Argentina, Australia, Hondoras, India, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Global Capacity’s staff of highly-trained, knowledgeable professionals is focused on providing customers the superior buying experience you expect in the US, across the globe.

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Where to start?

The channel relationship does not end with the sale. This makes selling in international locations a challenge due to a US channel agent’s lack of proximity and limited language. Many of our Channel Agents have had success by targeting opportunities with US companies with oversea locations. These opportunities benefit from local sales relationships. Today, there are 1,696 US-based companies with revenues exceeding $100 million that have more than 8,700 remote offices throughout the UK, in need of data connectivity. Closer to the US, throughout Canada, there are 6,500 remote offices of US-based companies exceeding $10 million in revenues. Similarly, further south in Mexico, there is a potential opportunity of 125,000 branch offices of US companies that Channel Agents can target for a low-risk, high-reward international expansion. The opportunity of reduced risk, local sales with an increased opportunity of foreign locations will expand your revenue per customer, all while building loyalty as a solution provider that solves problems outside their territory.

Some of the most attractive international markets, according to the survey respondents, include Europe, Canada, Mexico and South America. While the top two countries for Global Capacity proposal requests are United Kingdom and Mexico, in line with survey respondents, the reminder of our top 5 countries for connectivity demand are China, India and Australia.  Our Carrier relations teams is seeing growing demand across the globe.

There is no other platform in the market today that uses One Marketplace’s real-time market rate comparison with network availability assessment, ordering and provisioning capabilities, combined with physical interconnectivity, all governed by a single MSA to simplify the procurement and management of network connectivity services.

As demand for a global, efficient and cost-effective marketplace increases, Global Capacity is proving to be the partner of choice.
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