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For NSi, Customer Experience Sealed the Deal With Global Capacity

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Mon, Apr 10, 2017

Investing time to add a new partner and introduce new solutions to clients is not taken lightly. Like many relationships, new partnerships get stuck at the transactional or one-off phase, and never make it to the strategic phase of adding value to the partner’s business.  We asked new Global Capacity channel partner,  Paul Wroten, President and CEO at NSi - Network Solutions International, to share the story behind his  decision to start a new relationship with Global Capacity.

Trusted Advisor Finds IT value

NSi Network Solutions InternationalAs an IT consulting firm, NSi is committed to providing customers with a broad portfolio of voice, data, cloud and hosted solutions implemented and supported by some of the largest technology companies around the world. Every organization, big or small, utilizes some level of technology resources to keep their business up and running, and these often serve as a critical part of their overall business structure. As someone who has personally worked as a senior IT professional for companies around the world, Paul services his customers as a trusted advisor, a confidant, allowing them to learn from his past experiences and mistakes to ensure they make wise decisions that will deliver maximum value, both to their bottom line and operational performance.

NSi, helps companies analyze their current IT infrastructure and operations, and identify the ways
in which they can increase the value of their IT spend


New Partners Need to Add New Value

When it comes to technology and telecommunications providers, there is a sea of options from which to choose.  When NSi is selecting service providers to partner with, they have to narrow it down to the best available. To do this, they first look at the ways in which services are procured and delivered to the customer and ensure that they are receiving a high-quality solution. However, Paul feels that what truly differentiates potential providers from one another are the people behind the company, as they are the true heart and soul behind a company’s overall value. To this end, an important consideration is the way that a company responds to the inevitable challenges and issues that come along with providing network services. “The Global Capacity team’s high level of responsiveness under these circumstances is a key reason why NSi continues to partner with them to serve its customers,” shares Paul.  ”NSi needs a service provider that we can rely on, for better or for worse, and Global Capacity has proven that it’s up to the challenge.”Paul feels that what truly differentiates potential providers from one another are the people behind the company, as they are the true heart and soul behind a company’s overall value.

Invested in My Business

“Before working with Global Capacity, I had heard of their services, but honestly didn’t know much about them. Having this lack of knowledge made me a bit skeptical when we entered into this new partnership” shares Paul.  “However, from day one, I was truly blown away.”  From the first project the two companies worked on together, NSi’s experience with Global Capacity greatly exceeded expectations on both price and execution. “Global Capacity is a team I could work with directly, and our customers were able to personally interface with Global Capacity’s most senior leadership in order to better understand their services and solutions, and set goals and expectations at the start of their project.” 

Since then, I have continued to utilize Global Capacity as a go-to provider
for the majority of our deals, Paul shares.


In addition, whenever NSi is in need of assistance, the Global Capacity team is always quick to respond to ensure that NSi can effectively communicate information to its customers. Due to Global Capacity’s sense of ownership and teamwork, NSi is able to work collectively to better support the customer.

Customer Experience Counts

NSi customers quickly learned that Global Capacity is easy to work with, offers competitive pricing and delivers time-to-market that exceeds most expectations. They also learned that no matter what corner of the world they are looking to procure services, Global Capacity offers a wide range of solutions across a large geographic footprint.

In addition, when NSi customers have questions or concerns regarding their service, the Global Capacity team is ready at a moment’s notice to address the situation with total transparency, over-communicating information every step of the way. “It’s quite ironic, really – the biggest problem within the communications industry is that no one seems to communicate,” comments Paul. “The fact that Global Capacity remains so responsive and actively involved in the success of their solutions is a major value-add for our customers.”  NSi clients see Global Capacity as an extension of the NSi team, and the company has made an excellent impression on the NSi customer base.

“Our clients simply don’t want to go anywhere else, and why would they? Global Capacity has gone above
and beyond the call of duty, exceeding expectations not only for NSi, but more importantly, for our customers.”


Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Global Capacity team, NSi has found a connectivity provider that is not only capable of delivering high-quality connectivity services and solutions, but is there to work alongside NSi to provide customers with a superior experience.  And Global Capacity is quickly growing a major footprint among NSi customers.

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