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The Top Three Benefits of Carrier Ethernet WAN for Business

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Wed, May 28, 2014

Video, VoIP and an overall increase in data transfer are pushing the limits on performance and bandwidth requirements in the WAN. WAN connectivity options range from traditional private line, Frame Relay, and ATM-based WAN connectivity to newer network-based IP VPN and Ethernet WAN services.  Carrier Ethernet has come forward as an alternative to traditional WAN applicationsservices, offering a viable option for businesses.  Enterprise adoption of Ethernet WAN services has been driven by the benefits of cost, flexible bandwidth, ease of implementation, and a familiarity with Ethernet architecture already employed in corporate LANs.

    1.      Lower cost

      Carrier Ethernet offers a lower price point per Mbps, compared with Private Line services of similar speeds, increasing its value for high bandwidth connectivity for major enterprises, data centers or wholesale services. With fixed data traffic worldwide projected to more than triple between 2014 and 2019, the cost effectiveness of Carrier Ethernet for WANs becomes increasingly attractive.

        2.      Ease of implementation

          Ethernet WAN services are flexible and can carry multiple types of traffic, including voice and video, as well as non-IP-based traffic and storage traffic. Ethernet WAN is a Layer 2 solutions, which appeals to organizations that prefer to maintain control over their routing and are looking for an alternative to Layer 3 IP VPNs.   Carrier Ethernet comes complete with software provisioning tools that allow IT managers to control large-scale networks from a single platform, simplifying monitoring and troubleshooting.    

            3.      Flexible bandwidth

              Ethernet WAN services start at speeds, ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps, and Enterprises are increasing their use of higher bandwidth 100Mb and 1Gig, where direct fiber connections are available. In addition to fiber access, new Ethernet over copper solutions are extending the availability of Ethernet WANs to connect additional regional sites. Service Providers can easily increase bandwidth without on going on site, using software-based control at the Network Operations Center (NOC). This same software controlled provisioning has the capability to increase bandwidth on-demand for shorter terms, allowing a business to consume resources as needed.

              Carrier Ethernet WAN is a solution for both present and future business needs. Enterprises should choose a service provider that can partner with them on a complete network WAN strategy, proactively advising them on improving and optimizing the network as their business and network applications evolve.  Global Capacity’s Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions focus on leveraging the One Marketplace platform to identify the optimal design for networks in order to optimize cost, latency, performance, and diversity.   Click here to read more about Global Capacity’s Ethernet WAN solutions.  

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