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Simplifying Global WAN Connectivity

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Tue, Apr 29, 2014

America’s largest companies have been expanding overseas for years, but now smaller companies are getting into the act.  According to a recent CFO Research survey, 83 percent of SMBs now consider global expansion a priority.  With networks being the backbone of today’s businesses, establishing reliable connectivity for overseas offices is critically important—but rarely easy. Challenges can include limited knowledge of the local communications market, differences in regulations, currency fluctuation and language barriers for qualification, delivery and support.

How can companies mitigate the challenges to global WAN connectivity?

    Knowledge of the market

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    The majority of companies cannot boast an expert understanding of every global market where they need to buy WAN connectivity. The world is too big and access networks are too complex.

    It is difficult to find information about connectivity to international locations.  Making the wrong choice of provider or service, however, can be costly and perhaps even business impacting.

    What provider has connectivity to the location?

    Is it a diverse route?

    Is the price competitive?

    When can it be installed?


    Global Capacity’s One Marketplace interconnected network platform offers a seamlessly managed global network of access services across hundreds of countries worldwide. Its cloud-based application with real-time design, pricing and ordering capabilities simplifies how companies consume network resources.

    Language and internationalization

    Purchasing WAN connectivity in a different country comes along with the added challenge of doing business in that nation’s native language, laws and currency. For globally expanding companies looking for connectivity that suits their needs, the added complexity of multiple contract translations and communication through provisioning and turn up can slow down expansion considerably—a major problem for companies looking to quickly get up-and-running in a new country. 


    Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform provides customers with ubiquitous network solutions across multiple networks and geographies all governed by a single Master Services Agreement (MSA) written in English with uniform terms, conditions and SLAs governed by US laws.  That same simplicity and efficiency of a single purchasing contract extends into a single consolidated bill for a company’s global WAN, eliminating the challenge of auditing, converting and paying bills in multiple currencies. 

      US based service and support

        A high standard of network management is essential for any business.  Successful management of a customer’s network connectivity is dependent upon a number of critical services elements. The least of which is communication and comprehension. 


        Global Capacity delivers service assurance through its two Network Operations Centers (NOC) located in Chicago, IL and Waltham, MA providing 24x7x365 monitoring of customer’s services and network elements. The Global Capacity NOC is staffed by highly qualified engineers who perform tasks involved in the detection, isolation, and resolution of issues effecting network availability and performance all with a consistent customer experience independent of the underlying service location.

        There is no other platform in the market today that uses One Marketplace’s real-time market rate comparison with network availability assessment, ordering and provisioning capabilities combined with physical interconnectivity all governed by a single MSA to simplify the procurement and management of network connectivity services. 

        As demand for an efficient, cost-effective marketplace increases, Global Capacity is proving to be the partner of choice.

        Ben Edmond, Chief Revenue Officer for Global Capacity, will be speaking at TeleGeography’s inaugural WAN Summit New York, April 29 in Midtown Manhattan, NY.

        For more information about One Marketplace and global enterprise network design and procurement, click here.

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