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How are Service Providers Extending Their Network Reach?

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Fri, Mar 22, 2013
Recently, two service providers, UNSi and NetWolves, found their answers in Global Capacity’s One Marketplace. 

One Marketplace provides service providers with a transparent and efficient way to buy global access solutions more effectively.  With streamlined service delivery, One Marketplace automates the ability to price, order and provision multiple access network solutions - reducing the complexity of procuring offnet services.  A single interconnection to the One Marketplace network provides service providers with the ability to deliver more ubiquitous services, extending their network reach as well as gaining visibility into multiple networks and geographies to give them a competitive advantage. 

Global Network Services

Rapidly advancing innovations coupled with globalization and expanding corporate networks bring with them a new set of complex customer requirements for network connectivity. Service providers constantly seek news solutions to meet their customers’ demands for connectivity only
to be faced with a highly fragmented access market.  In today’s sophisticated market,
no one vendor maintains complete ubiquitous network reach.  This gap between networks and customer locations leaves each and every service provider to depend upon another carrier’s network, at one point of another, to price and deliver winning network services that fulfill the unique requirements of their customers.

This fragmented nature of the market has spurred a rising need for the most efficient and cost effective procurement  of access network solutions for offnet services; enabling service providers to reach a greater geography and support the growing network demands of their customers quickly.  At the core of this challenge is the preexisting system of manually qualifying and pricing access network solutions from multiple providers - a time and labor intensive contradiction to today’s sophisticated computing power.

United Network Services, Inc. (UNSi), a next generation provider of “intelligent & flexible” Internet and managed services, chose to interconnect to One Marketplace for specifically this purpose.  With just one interconnect to Global Capacity at its Chicago PoP, UNSi has successfully, efficiently and cost-effectively extended the network reach of its “intelligent access” MPLS Exchange Platform (MEP) with streamlined service delivery that includes consistent ordering, provisioning, turn-up and support across multiple access networks.

Another service provider that recently expanded its portfolio with One Marketplace was NetWolves Network Services, LLC, a managed network provider delivering consolidated, secure network services. NetWolves successfully capitalizes on One Marketplace’s ability to deliver efficient, cost-effective network services, extending its coverage throughout North America as well as internationally.  Leveraging a customized API that integrates NetWolves’ existing business systems, Global Capacity enables the efficient, cost-effective pricing and procurement of network connectivity for NetWolves and its enterprise customers across North America and into Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong. With extended coverage, service providers are able to expand their service offerings to create and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.

Global Capacity’s customers leverage One Marketplace to gain the ability to extend network reach, decrease overall time to market, improve responsiveness to customers, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.  With One Marketplace, service providers are able to improve customer experience with streamlined service delivery that includes a single service agreement and consistent ordering, provisioning, turn-up, and support across multiple network solutions.

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