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Architecting for Speed and Performance in a Digital Era

Posted by Mary Stanhope on Thu, Jun 15, 2017

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform enables Connectivity Made SimpleTM, connecting customer locations to high-value destinations across a highly interconnected network aggregation platform. In this digital era of cloud computing and applications, businesses need new ways to make their operations more flexible for the future and to help them gain a competitive advantage. We believe that the One Marketplace hybrid infrastructure is key to achieving this flexibility.

Connect at the Edge

The Global Capacity network aggregates infrastructure at 41 data center aggregation PoPs and 1,750 central offices from over 160 suppliers through >4,500 interconnects. This network of networks delivers ubiquitous coverage to 85% of business locations in 99 countries, including 9.6 million U.S. commercial addressesOne Marketplace coverage Map 2017.png

The One Marketplace network is purpose built to offer local edge connectivity at the right speed and competitive price. Its aggregated network of networks offers cooper local access to over 3.8 Million commercial addresses and Fiber access to 2.4 Million addresses.

Global Capacity One Marketplace Network Numbers 617-2.pngSpeed at the Core

Global Capacity’s existing metro infrastructures are interworked with its high-performance Ethernet backbone delivering the ability to scale bandwidth capacity along diverse routes to 100 Gigabit Ethernet. The high-performance Ethernet backbone architecture connects 14 Points of Presence (PoPs) located in San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Ashburn, Toronto and New York City, improving One Marketplace access for both customers and suppliers. These high-demand, key aggregation points enable delivery of diverse route options, competitive pricing and a broad selection of network access services to One Marketplace customers.

Global Capacity High Performance Backbone 2017_15PoP.pngGlobal Capacity worked closely with vendors Ciena and LightRiver to ensure the best architecture to interconnect its local presence. Ciena had the technology to move more traffic at a faster pace, as well as increase provisioning and protection capabilities. And LightRiver could provide the design, staging, testing and turn-up to deliver the solution on time. The multi-terabit programmable Ethernet-over-DWDM packet switch efficiently aggregates and switches large quantities of packet traffic. The new backbone technology will provide latency improvements, revolutionize the operational economics of Gigabit services and create greater cost efficiencies across the network.

Ciena Lightower logos.png

Confidently Connecting Enterprises

One Marketplace customers can leverage Global Capacity’s new high-speed Ethernet backbone to gain access to the most competitive local access connectivity across markets, regardless of where the customer is interconnected to One Marketplace. The high-performance Ethernet backbone enables Global Capacity to meet the growing bandwidth needs of the most demanding Cloud, Over-the-Top applications and data services, including Ethernet Multi Cloud (EVPL), VoIP, SIP, Dedicated Internet Access, SD-WAN, MPLS and VPLS (VPN).  Ciena Brand Story Link Button.png

“This expansion delivers increased capacity and cost-efficiency, as well as improved latency through the latest technology,” says Tony Thakur, Chief Technology Officer of Global Capacity. “We are constantly investing in our network in ways that will simplify connectivity to high-demand data centers and enterprise locations, and exceed the bandwidth needs of today’s data-driven society.”

Global Capacity is committed to providing multi-site connectivity services connecting business locations to high-value destinations.

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